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Gallium Brand Marketing LLC
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Healthcare (Health Care) and Medical Device Marketing Consultants: Innovation, Marketing Planning, Commercialization .Gallium Marketing.
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Integrate “brand thinking” into your innovation and commercialization activities.


Define products and services to deliver on your brand promise using a customer-driven innovation model.


Develop and execute comprehensive marketing plans to achieve your commercial objectives and build brand equity.


about gallium

Gallium Brand Marketing LLC is a marketing consulting company with global experience in healthcare and medical devices, focusing on sustainable innovation and marketing planning for successful commercialization. To simplify things, a modular framework is used to guide you through your marketing activities, keeping brand at the core of decision making because your brand is your business.

Brand-Centric Simplified Marketing Framework

Modular. The Gallium framework consists of three modules:

  1. Brand Identity

  2. Strategy

  3. Portfolio

Focus on the module or set of modules necessary to meet your immediate needs.


Flexible. While the end goals and deliverables are consistent, a number of methodologies are offered to achieve them in order to accommodate your culture, work style and resource availability.

Scalable. Solve an immediate need on a project basis, or build marketing competency in your organization with formal training.

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Establish your brand identity

Brand identity is established with every customer and market interaction, so it’s crucial to do it thoughtfully and deliberately.

Brand identity is important because many people will become aware of your brand before they understand your brand promise. Yet you build brand equity by delivering on your brand promise better than your competition does.

Your values define your culture, which in turn impacts your brand. New ventures should consider starting here.


Build a relatable brand identity



Marketing Strategy, Marketing Planning, Commercialization Process

A marketing plan is a living document crucial for successful commercialization. Its applications include launch planning and marketing strategy. The Gallium Marketing Planning Toolkit starts with establishing objectives and analyzing the purchase decision process, but the scope extends through the sales process to ensure you achieve your desired objectives in the market.

You need a marketing plan for all your portfolio offerings, even mature ones. A marketing plan is a useful tool for communicating your strategy to stakeholders. It drives your marketing and sales execution and establishes performance metrics.

Plan. Execute. Measure. Don’t leave commercialization to chance.


Achieve your marketing objectives



Market-In Product Definition: Customer Driven, Brand-Centric Innovation.

Innovation is defined as meeting unmet or under-met customer needs in a sufficiently profitable manner. You can innovate across the spectrum of your portfolio, including new-to-world products and services, incremental improvements or fast-follow offerings.

The Gallium Market-Innovation Process uses a customer-driven innovation model. The process starts with identifying and prioritizing needs in order to uncover opportunities to create value. It transitions to the Solution Phase to determine the optimal solution and value-capture mechanism to deliver on your brand promise and build brand equity. The process combines qualitative and quantitative market research with rapid-turn idea generation to quickly diverge and converge as needed. Portfolio + Strategy modules = an inception-to-launch commercialization process.

Market-in: brand-centric, customer driven, for sustainable innovation.

Market-Innovation Process: brand-centric, customer-driven innovation..

Innovate sustainably



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